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At Xeno Gaming we know all about the effort that indie developers put into creating their games.
We get that an indie developer’s primary focus needs to be on their game.
Our Team is here to help you from game development to the publishing steps. You focus on your video games and we help out with all the other stuff.
Form a partnership with Xeno Gaming and put our experienced team to work.
Xeno Gaming offers a range of services focused on your needs and help you bring your game to market.

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Stuff we can help with

Indie Game Publishing

Xeno Gaming has partnered up with all the major stores. Depeding on the platform your Game is available on, we ensure in all the right places, including: Steam, Instant Gaming, Kinguin, GOG, Xbox, Playstation, Apple, Google…

Access to the best digital marketplaces

Our goal is to ensure that your indie title appears on all the game store portals. Xeno Gaming focuses on sales opportunities from day one to long after release. This way we ensure bigger earnings potentials for your game.

Major extras – don’t miss them!

We know what it takes to publish your game. We’re here to help with all hidden extras; localization, security , events and more…

Monthly sales reports and payments

Xeno Gaming knows that cash-flow is essential to your business. Every title we publish gets monthly sales reporting and payments.

Indie Game Localization

To bring your Indie Game to success, localization is really important. We work with professionals worldwide to translate your Video Game.

Game Security

Protect your game against fraud, piracy and more. We offer tailored solution depending on your needs.

Indie Game Review / Testing

At Xeno Gaming we say the truth! Our Team has a lot of video game knowledge and the contacts to back it up. We want your studio to grow and become successful! Honesty and openness are two essential points to reach that goal! We tell you how it it, sometimes it may not be what you want to hear but you need to listen and understand!

Game Development Help

Our Team got some experienced video game developers which can help you developing your video game when your stuck.



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